Essential Oil

The SERENE HOUSE 100% Natural and Pure Essential Oil Collection is of highest quality and carefully selected. All oils are produced using plant-friendly harvesting methods and free of synthetics, parabens and GMO’s. No animal testing. Bottled and assembled in USA. Childproof caps and tamper proof seal.

How to use

step 1

All SERENE HOUSE Essential Oil bottles have the highest safety standards. The cap is a Child Proof Cap, press down and twist to first break the tamper proof seal and then open the bottle.

step 2

All bottles have a Euro dropper in the bottle neck. Simply hold the bottle on an angle or up-side down and release your desired amount of drops based on the devise you are using.

step 3

When closing the bottle, place the cap on and tighten completely. Then make sure the cap can turn without opening the bottle to ensure the child safety lock is engaged.

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