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SERENE HOUSE – Your business partner for the future

Easy, Safe and Clean

Our concept is unique which sets us apart from our competition. When selecting your product category, you can find products suitable for all age groups and abilities. Whether it be No-Spill products or only using water as a carrier for the scent, we have the solution for home, office or on-the-go.

Proprietary Design

All our products are our own proprietary designs. We design and make everything in house, so our design is exclusive to us and to you as our wholesale partner. We have an in-house design team who researches and develops our collections and as well as collaborates with external design studios in Europe, Taiwan and the USA.


We stand behind all of our products and the quality we deliver. All products are produced to not only meet, but exceed the local requirements to provide your consumers with the highest quality in the category. All electrical diffusers have a 2 years warranty and support from info@serenehouse.eu.


We are positioned as a mid-to-high premium brand providing competitive products with comparable quality and functionality. The finish and material selection of Serene House typically is higher quality and provides longevity and sustainability.

Oils to Made in USA

All our Natural Essential Oil products are made in the USA. The essential oils are sourced from all over the world where the best plants grow and are harvested. Our suppliers for the essential oils are located in the USA and some of them have over 100 years experience in this field.

In house manufacturing

All our products are manufactured in our own factories in Dongguan, China. We control all quality aspects from manufacturing until the goods reach your business. This way we guarantee the best quality and are able to support your business. We are the only brand in the market manufacturing our own diffusers in our own factories distributing directly to your business. This is a quality assurance for our partnership.

Business Opportunity

Due to our unique set-up with design and manufacturing in house, we are able to act quickly to your business opportunity and develop a unique program that is fully scalable based on your requirements.